Ska försöka läsa Torkel Klingbergs bok ‘Hjärna, gener och jävlar anamma’. Om barns lärande bl a. Verkar spännande. Pedagogik. Will try to read Torkel Klingberg’s book ‘Brain, genes and fighting spirit/grit’. Children’s learning…Seems exciting. Pedagogy. Torkel Klingberg, MD, PhDProfessor in Cognitive NeuroscienceKarolinska Institutet His research continues to focus on ways in which the human brain … More CHILDREN – LEARNING – SURFING

A blue Rolls Royce and children die of starvation.

“ANALYSIS · In northeastern Nigeria, starvation threat has become acute, according to the UN’s seven million people in need of help. Years of terror from the Islamist Boko Haram has transformed the poorest part of the giant Nigeria to a disaster area, writes Swedish Television’s correspondent in Africa. “ANALYS · I nordöstra Nigeria har svälthotet … More A blue Rolls Royce and children die of starvation.