Läs hennes böcker! Helt fångad av andra boken från Bangladesh ‘Den som går på tigerstigar’. Spänning!/


Read her books! Totally caught by the second novel from Bangladesh ‘The one who walks on tiger trails’. Thriller…

The writer’s school helped her to a new career

Writing a book that becomes a bestseller sounds like a dream. Helena Thorfinn’s debut “Before the River Takes Us” came to the Autumn School 2012. Now it is translated into several languages, film rights are sold and Helena has got a new career.

Helena Thorfinn has had great success with her book “Before the River Takes Us”, which she wrote at Lund University’s Writing School. Now she lives in Burma where she writes on her second book. 

Photo: Nille Leander

The authors school at Lund University celebrated ten years this spring. The multi-employed Helena Thorfinn, journalist, aid worker, anthropologist …

– At the School of Authors I was suddenly surrounded by creative and inspiring students and teachers. And finally, I had time to get up in the writing. Thanks mainly to the author Sigrid Combüchen and Professor Lisa Christensen, I managed to get my novel in land.

…. the book had begun to live before Helen Thorfinn started at the Authors School in Lund. It began when Helena with family lived in Bangladesh. For three years, she worked for Sida and could often see life in Dhaka like a movie, with a crowded gallery of people, smells, drama, intrigues, huge contrasts. And when Helena started writing, it was not possible to stop. She wrote everywhere, in palaces, on  chicken cages in poor villages and around pools. At home in Sweden, hundreds of pages were transformed into a full novel. But to be a bestseller …not on the map.

“I was completely prepared to print the book myself in the basement. When I was told that it would be published by a large publisher, I was instead sleepless wondering if I would get a fatwa on me because I’m writing about Muslims and Islam.

However, several Bangladesh friends had to read the book before it was printed. Their advice was to remove Muhammad everywhere  he was mentioned, to be on the safe side. Allah, however, should remain. The book has now been translated into English, Polish, Norwegian and Icelandic and soon also to Bangla.

In August, time for moving again……for the Lund family returned, this time to Burma, and now it is Helena’s man who has received a UN job with family accompanying. In Burma, Helena will write and the story is already clear, but what will happen she is not telling  ….

– But I’ll write my next novel! And Istart with yoga and becoming a bit more Buddhist. I’ll get the chance to be relaxed … Writing is like a soap bubble, it breaks if there is too much else around. At least, it’s so for me.

By Jenny Loftrup/



Jenny Loftrup  Lunds Universitets Magasin

The writer’s school helped her to a new career

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