​I follow reports about what is happening in Africa. INTERESTING!

Jag följer artiklar om vad som händer i Afrika. INTRESSANT!

 Parts of report published/ delar av rapport publicerad  December 5, 2016 : 

  ‘….. forestry and farming business (in Mozambique and Tanzania)

…. an Asia-based financial institution….
… new investment  ……312,465 hectares of natural hardwood forest in northern Mozambique.
…… building a saw mill in the town of Nampula, around 160km from the port of Nacala.
…. 1,730 hectares of farmland in Tanzania, which produces multi-annual crops such as tomatoes, melon, sweet potatoes and seed maize….
…., in Tanzania … orchard-style produce such as mango, avocado, pineapple and banana, which would be shipped to Dubai by boat at far lower cost than the fruit currently flown into the emirate.
….But endeavour in east Africa is about more than just profits.

…“We want to make a social impact……, that is about education, job creation, and transferring our knowledge and skills.”
Africa is a continent whose population is predicted to grow by a further 2bn in the next two decades.
It is also a continent that has punched well below its weight in terms of global agriculture: it possesses a quarter of the world’s arable land and yet churns out less than 10% of its produce.’
Source: ProActive Investors

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