NEWS: Five pieces of paper worked like a car bomb, blowing the night apart.

They are coming for you, President 

Silent protestors stand in front of President Jacob Zuma during his speech at the official announcement of the results for the 2016 local government elections. They held signs against gender based violence, 10 years after Zuma was acquitted on rape charges. 

The first woman held up two signs, the first reading: “I am 1 in 3”, and the second: “#”.

The next sign read: “10 yrs later.”

The next: “Khanga”.

The last: “Remember Khwezi”.

It took a moment, but the signs slowly revealed their narrative.Khwezi—the name of the woman involved in the infamous Zuma rape trial. Khanga—the garment she was said to have had wrapped around her at the time of the assault. 10 yrs later— yup, it’s been that long. I am 1 in 3 — the proportion of women raped in this country.

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